Demarcus Cousins ‘Shocked’ at being traded to New Orleans

demarcus cousins
DeMarcus Cousins. Photo credit: Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley / Shutterstock

Demarcus Cousins is on his way out of Sacramento after the Kings unloaded the three-time All-Star center to the New Orleans Pelicans.

Cousins will now team with All-Star forward Anthony Davis to create a potentially devastating frontcourt pairing.

Since being drafted fifth overall in 2011, Cousins has endured his fair share of on-and-off-the-court problems, but his status as one of the league’s 10 or 20 best players is indisputable.

According to league sources, ‘Boogie’ said he was ‘shocked’ by the decision after being privately and publicly assured that he wouldn’t be traded.

DeMarcus Cousins family

The 25-year-old, who hails from Mobile, Alabama, grew up with five siblings and a single mother.

His mother Monique raised him without his father in the picture.

DeMarcus now has a young son and a young daughter and claims he is enjoying the added responsibility.

“It’s fun. I’m enjoying it. You’ve got to grow up fast. Now you’re not just a role model for the fans, you’re a role model for someone who is actually looking up to you. It changes your mindset.”

DeMarcus Cousins kids

In 2012, DeMarcus revealed for the first time that his girlfriend gave birth to his first son, Amir.

DeMarcus with son Amir below

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The pair also have a daughter named Vana.

Demarcus pictured with Vana below

DeMarcus cousins girlfriend

DeMarcus’ girlfriend is from his hometown of Mobile, Alabama and her real name is Christy West.

Not much else is known about her except that the pair seem to be very much in love. They do what normal couples do – they like to hang out, go to the beach, etc.